Zoopharmacognosy -
Can help with:

• Lameness
• Respiratory
• Skin Conditions
• Allergies
• Behaviour
• Hormones
• First Aid
• Digestion

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Animal self medication -
How it works:


In the wild animals would self medicate using medical compounds found naturally. Zoopharmacognosy is the oldest known method animals use to.....

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About me -
Sara Billinghurst:


I am an Applied Zoopharmacognosist practitioner, owner of rare breed Suffolk Punch and Comtois Heavy Horses and Chairman of Southern Counties Heavy Horse ....

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I am lucky to work with a number of different animals including horses, dogs, cats, chickens and farm animals. Each animal is different and each species has different needs and behavioural responses....

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Balanced Natural Healing

When animals are domesticated and kept in captivity they do not have the ability to take charge of their own health. We therefore make decisions for them and often this leads them to an unbalanced life....

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Sycamore Seed Poisoning

Atypical myopathy: sycamore seeds linked to horse deaths. Vets are warning that a newly recognised disease is posing a serious risk to horses. Sycamore seed poisoning, or atypical myopathy,....

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