About me

imageI am an Animal Self Medication Practitioner (Applied Zoopharmacognosist), owner of rare breed Suffolk Punch and Comtois Heavy Horses and Chairman of Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association. I was brought up around animals and was taught to ride by a fantastic lady called Cynthia and I can't thank her enough for her support, knowledge and opportunities to ride such lovely horses. Cynthia always encouraged my passion for the larger horses and after visiting a Heavy Horse centre and seeing them at shows I was hooked.

When my husband and I first got together he was allergic to horses (massive problem!). He very soon understood my passion and worked on his immunity response to the allergy. We now share our love for these wonderful horses and currently own both Suffolk Punch and French 'Comtois' Draught horses. We show, ride, drive and plough with them. We can often be seen at local shows and ploughing matches.

Over the years our animals have had a few ailments and when I ran into a few brick walls treating them in the conventional way I looked to a more natural approach.

A few years ago one of our horses wasn't responding to conventional medicine but would quite readily eat from our hedgerow. He seemed to be very picky about what he was after. I used to watch him and look up what he was choosing to find out more. I used to order dried herbs that matched what he picked and offer them to him. He responded so well to this approach it led me to wonder what I could learn to help further. With six months rest, herbal treatment and a great farrier he was back in work, much to the surprise of our vets.

With an increased thirst to learn more about how I could help animals I began studying with Caroline Ingraham, the founder of the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy. Caroline is the world leader in animal self-medicative behaviour with a knowledge gained from the animals themselves.

Caroline has been a true inspiration and encouraged me to become a fully trained Zoopharmacognosy practitioner myself. It has been a very empowering journey and I really enjoy working with the animals and their owners.