Case Studies

imageMajor, Comtois Gelding with muscle tie up

One of my clients Jane has several Comtois draught horses that she rides, drives and ploughs with and one of the geldings suffers with muscle tie up following strenuous exercise. He is always willing to work but is often tense on one diagonal and whilst massage helps him a great deal it never seems to go away.

We did an Applied Zoopharmacognosy session with him and he responded really well. He now has his regular massage and inhales and licks his chosen essential oils before and after exercise and has daily dried herbs offered. His progress is great and he is much happier in his work.

" I have known Sara for a long time and worked closely with her and her horses. When she told me about Zoopharmacognosy I was intrigued and fascinated, apart from the fact I couldn't say or spell it!

I asked Sara to come and see Major one of my Comtois horses. I was amazed by his reaction and the results and have since asked Sara to treat three more of my horses, again with excellent results. Now when my horses forage in the hedgerow I ask Sara what it might mean. Therefore I am learning too!"

Ralph, Overexcited Male Weimaraner

I was asked to visit a local family whose 23 month old Weimaraner was destroying their home. They were unable to leave him without returning to destroyed furniture and clothing and raids to the kitchen. He was very excitable and being very close to the eldest daughter he would pace the house and keep everyone awake if she was out. The family were at their wits end and didn't know what do to next.

I spent over two hours offering essential oils, base oils and macerates. He selected immediately and soon chose the essential oils and dried compounds he was looking for. It was clear he was looking for both emotional and nutritional support.

That evening the eldest daughter was going out. I left them with his chosen oils and suggested they offered them to him if he became stressed during the night. Not only did he ask for his oils but he returned to his bed immediately after taken them and everyone got a full night sleep. He has continued to do so and no longer stresses the way he did. If he feels unsettled he now asks for his oils. His family can now enjoy living with him rather than dreading returning home each day!


Willo, Young Comtois Cross Gelding

Willo was suffering with the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). He was struggling to breathe and had the worst sinus infection I had ever seen. He looked very sad and had lost his appetite.

He selected several respiratory essential oils and after a while a slow drip of discharge appeared from his nostrils. Suddenly out of nowhere a huge amount of brown discharge came out of the nose and he seemed to stretch out his neck before some more drained. He instantly lifted his head and looked brighter. I left him with several oils in buckets of water separate to his normal water.

He selected these for a couple of weeks whilst showing great improvement. I made another visit in a further three weeks and again he cleared some more discharge. After several months he is now back competing in jumping and dressage and although he still suffers with allergens he is able to manage them through self medication so as not to affect his daily life.